Divestment of the Nigerian Economy for Ecological and Environmental Sustainability Position Paper

In our latest position paper, we delve into the concept of divestment and its profound implications for the Nigerian economy, climate change mitigation, and ecological transformation. Divestment, often associated with the fossil fuel industry, has emerged as a powerful strategy to realign investment portfolios with sustainability objectives.


With Nigeria’s significant reliance on revenue from the oil and gas sector, divestment becomes a crucial consideration in navigating the transition towards a more environmentally responsible and economically resilient future. As the impacts of climate change continue to intensify, there is a growing recognition of the need to reevaluate economic practices and promote environmental responsibility.

This shift has propelled divestment to the forefront as a transformative tool capable of reshaping economies and industries to prioritize sustainability. Nigeria, as a major oil-producing nation, stands at the crossroads of economic imperatives and environmental concerns. Historically dependent on revenue from the oil sector, Nigeria’s economy has experienced growth but remains vulnerable to the volatility of global oil markets. In this context, divestment emerges as a strategic imperative, offering a pathway towards economic diversification and resilience. By divesting from environmentally harmful sectors, Nigeria can not only mitigate climate change but also align with global sustainability goals and protect its diverse ecosystems.

Our research underscores the pivotal role of divestment in driving holistic transformation and offers actionable recommendations for policymakers, industries, and civil society to embrace sustainable practices and secure a prosperous future for generations to come.

Ready to explore the full insights of our position paper on divestment for ecological and environmental sustainability? Click below to download the PDF and discover actionable recommendations for transitioning to a more sustainable future.


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