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CoSET, also known as Uwem Nnyin, is a platform comprising Nigerian citizens, organizations, community groups, and journalists committed to working for the total wellbeing of people, communities, and the natural environment. It promotes equitable social relations and aims to halt ecological atrocities while reclaiming the narrative on wellbeing, progress, and the good life.

CoSET’s mission is socioecological transformation. It challenges the dominant growth-centered mode of thinking and advocates for equitable and sustainable outcomes for people, society, and the environment. By critically examining the consequences of current decision-making processes, CoSET strives to create positive change in lives, livelihoods, cultures, and the environment.

You can join CoSET by becoming an active member of the coalition. As a Nigerian citizen, organization, community group, or journalist, your participation is valuable in working towards equitable and sustainable outcomes. Please reach out to us through the provided contact information to express your interest and learn more about joining.

CoSET focuses on several priority areas, including ending gas flaring in Nigeria, advocating for a just transition, supporting the Nigeria Climate Change bill, democratizing renewable energy, and addressing climate change. These areas represent key challenges and opportunities for socioecological transformation in Nigeria.

You can contribute to ending gas flaring by supporting CoSET’s efforts and raising awareness about this issue. Encourage policymakers to take action, promote sustainable energy alternatives, and engage in discussions within your community. Together, we can work towards eliminating gas flaring and its detrimental effects.

A just transition refers to an equitable shift from fossil fuel-based economies to sustainable and renewable energy systems. CoSET recognizes the importance of ensuring that this transition is fair for workers, communities, and the environment. By advocating for a just transition, we aim to create inclusive and sustainable solutions that benefit all.

CoSET actively advocates for the democratization of renewable energy in Nigeria. This involves ensuring equal access and opportunities for communities to participate in and benefit from renewable energy projects. By challenging existing power inequalities and promoting community engagement, CoSET strives for an inclusive and sustainable energy future.

You can support CoSET’s initiatives by donating to our cause, volunteering your time and expertise, spreading awareness about our work, and actively engaging in discussions and events. Every contribution, big or small, helps us in driving socioecological transformation and creating a better future for Nigeria.

CoSET welcomes partnerships with like-minded organizations, community groups, and individuals who share our vision for socioecological transformation. If you are interested in collaborating or exploring partnership opportunities, please reach out to us via the provided contact information. Together, we can amplify our impact and bring about positive change.

CoSET plays a crucial role in promoting climate change responses that are socially responsive and avoid harmful and risky technologies. We advocate for sustainable and equitable solutions that address the challenges of climate change while prioritizing the wellbeing of communities and the environment.

You can contact CoSET by sending your queries to our email address at We welcome your questions, feedback, and suggestions. Additionally, you can reach out to us during our business hours, from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 3 pm, at the following phone number: +234 80 544 57460. We look forward to hearing from you and engaging in meaningful conversations.

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