Overview of Climate-Induced Loss and Damage Position Paper

CoSET’s position paper delves into the critical issue of climate-induced loss and damage, recognizing its profound implications for communities and ecosystems worldwide. Loss and damage, stemming from the inability to adapt to increasingly frequent extreme weather events and slow-onset events, pose significant challenges to both economic stability and the well-being of vulnerable populations. The recent floods in Nigeria and other regions serve as stark reminders of the urgent action needed to mitigate these impacts, which include economic losses, displacement, and environmental degradation.

CoSET underscores the link between inadequate efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and the escalating risks of loss and damage, particularly in regions like Nigeria that are highly vulnerable to climate-related disasters. The paper outlines the multifaceted nature of loss and damage, encompassing not only economic losses but also environmental degradation, health impacts, and the erosion of cultural heritage. Recognizing the need for comprehensive policies and financial mechanisms, CoSET highlights the Paris Agreement’s provisions on loss and damage and the establishment of the Warsaw International Mechanism as essential steps towards addressing this global challenge.

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