Overview of Divestment of the Nigerian Economy for Ecological and Environmental Sustainability Position Paper

CoSET’s position paper sheds light on the pressing need for divesting the Nigerian economy from its current unsustainable trajectory, which not only undermines economic stability but also wreaks havoc on the environment and human well-being.

The prevailing economic measures, such as GDP, have perpetuated a skewed representation of prosperity, neglecting critical aspects like human well-being, equitable distribution, and environmental health. The heavy reliance on extractive industries, particularly oil and gas, has led to significant environmental degradation, including gas flaring, water pollution, and habitat destruction, with dire consequences for ecosystems and communities.

CoSET advocates for a paradigm shift that prioritizes holistic well-being over material accumulation and challenges the profit-driven motives of multinational corporations. The coalition emphasizes the interconnectedness of ecological and environmental challenges with social issues, including gender inequality, and calls for gender-responsive policies and practices to ensure a just and sustainable society.

Rejecting the reliance on technological solutions alone, CoSET advocates for comprehensive and systemic approaches that consider the intricate relationship between society, economy, and nature, while also supporting climate change responses that prioritize social justice and empower marginalized communities to adapt and mitigate climate impacts.

Ready to explore CoSET’s detailed analysis and recommendations for divesting the Nigerian economy for ecological and environmental sustainability?


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