Situating Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Act within Socioecological Transformation Position Paper

CoSET’s position paper underscores the urgent need for Nigeria to divest from its current extractive and profit-driven economic model in favor of one that prioritizes ecological sustainability and social justice.

By challenging the prevailing emphasis on GDP growth and profit maximization, CoSET advocates for a paradigm shift toward holistic well-being, equitable resource distribution, and environmental stewardship.

The paper highlights the detrimental impacts of Nigeria’s heavy reliance on extractive industries, such as oil and gas, which have led to widespread environmental degradation, pollution, and social injustices.

Furthermore, CoSET questions the accountability and responsibility of multinational corporations operating within Nigeria’s extractive sectors, emphasizing the need for democratic and transparent resource management processes that involve local communities.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of ecological and social challenges, CoSET emphasizes the importance of gender-responsive policies, community empowerment, and systemic solutions over technofixes.

The paper calls for collaborative efforts across various sectors to dismantle existing power structures and advocate for inclusive and equitable models that prioritize people and nature over profit-driven interests.

Ready to explore CoSET’s comprehensive analysis and transformative vision for Nigeria’s economic future? Click below to download the full position paper and gain valuable insights into CoSET’s advocacy for ecological justice, gender equity, and sustainable development in Nigeria.

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